The TERMIPAK® : On the way to Milan !

FMI PROCESS has been awarded a turn-key project to manufacture, install and operate for a period of two years a thermal valorization unit for MM spa, they manage water service of the city of Milan. Our modular compact system will be installed and commissioned on the site of Milan San Rocco waste water treatment plant (WWTP). Our process will valorize a part of the amount of sludge produced by the WWTP and the energy output will be valorized.
We would like to thanks MM spa for their trust to allow us to realize together this innovative project.
Our fluidized bed incinerators range has been extended with the TERMIPAK®.
Our range of TERMIPAK® furnaces can meet the thermal recovery needs of sludge from urban wastewater treatment plants up to 6,000 tons/year. This installation benefits from all the know-how and expertise of FMI Process. Following the example of the SUN SAND® range, the furnace is manufactured in a Hi-Tech alloy which allows quick start-and-stop operations and therefore adapts to fluctuations in sludge production. Its modular shape has been designed to be compactly installed outside and on the periphery of the sewage treatment plant. The use of civil engineering is thus reduced as the footprint is limited.
The FMI Process compagny has set up CLAREA® subsidiary. It's devoted to financing, construction and exploitation of crematoriums.
CLAREA® has recently won the invitation to tenders for the exploitation of Saint-Etienne Montmartre’s crematorium.
It performs more than 3000 cremations each year. This crematorium is equipped with three cremators (one is suitable for big sized coffins) and three independant filtrations systems. The aboved mentioned equipement have been supplied by FMI Process.