Created in the early 1970’s, FMI Process is an engineering company specialized in the analysis, design and manufacturing of equipment for industry and environmental applications. It is located in the suburbs of Lyon, in L’Horme (France). 
At its beginning, FMI designed different kinds of industrial installations such as: regeneration of sand coming from foundries, core machines and materials, pneumatic transportation, dust collectors, shot blasters, chemical molding, die casting machines, etc.
FMI’s experience and innovation have attracted prestigious customers such as: Peugeot, Japy, Renault Trucks, Fiat Tecksid, Citroën, Rover, Volvo, Georges Fisher, Schlumberger, Arthur Martin, Saint-Gobain EDF, etc.


Twenty years later, FMI has specialized in the study, construction and exploitation of ovens and in the treatment of flue gases. In partnership with EDF (a French electricity public company), FMI has developed a successful range of fluidized bed ovens without refractory bricks for incineration in wastewater treatment plants.
This technology has attracted various cities such as Saint-Chamond, Aurillac, Romans, Thonon-Evian and Saint-Etienne.
In 1997, the SNF FLOERGER® group, a French multinational company, worldwide leader in the manufacturing of polymers, takes shares in the capital of FMI Process. At the beginning of 2000, FMI Process is completely controlled by SNF FLOERGER®.




In 2010, further to the implementation of a stricter regulation regarding the flue gases emissions for crematoriums, FMI Process has decided to become a competitor in this field. Thanks to its know-how, it has developed a state of the art range products. Some of them are patented.





1972: The company has been set up
1989: Launch of the SUN SAND® process : 1st oven without refractory bricks
1997: 1st SUN SAND® process to be installed for the WWTP of Saint Chamond (France)
2000: SNF FLOERGER® acquires FMI Process
2010: FMI launched the Crematorium - Division nder the brand FMI Crémation®
2013: Launch of the CLEANAIR PACK®, a compact unit for flue gases treatment of cremation
2014: Certification ISO 14001
2017:The ISO 9001 certification is obtained
2018: The CLAREA® company is established, exploitation of Saint-Etienne’s crematorium
2019:TERMIPAK® the compact sludge incinerator is designed