Turnkey Installations


We’re at your service from the identification of the needs to the starting up of the unit.
Coming from municipal waste water treatment plants as well as industries, the sludges that are mainly considered as rubbishes can be valorised thanks to our know-how: the SUN SAND® and TERMIPAK® process.
They consist of one thermal oxidation of the thick sludges thanks to a fluidized bed incinerator and a dry flue gases treatment. Thus, the quantity of residues reach around 1/10 of the incinerated sludge and is inert.
The energy provoked by the combustion of the sludge is recovered and valorised as heat. It allows not only to be used for the heating of the building but also to supply an urban heating network.
The SUN SAND® process responds to the needs of municipalities which equivalent inhabitants varies from 95 000 to 1 200 000.

The TERMIPAK® range is devoted to population areas up to 95 000 equivalent inhabitants.