Thermal Recovery

Most of the energy claimed by the process can be recovered.
As we’re environmentally aware of the impact of such installation and perfectly managing the potentiality of recovery, our installations are equipped with:

- one fumes to air heat exchanger that collects the energy coming from the fumes and reinjects it inside the oven. It’s a direct way to save gas or fuel by preventing the cooling of the oven.

- one fumes to water heat exchanger that allows an easy connection to an heat district station or supply other processes.


For example:

- Our installation in St-Etienne is connected to a heat network. Exchangers with a total capacity of 2000 kW satisfy the needs of the wastewater treatment plant. Thanks to it, the equivalent of 500 tons* of CO2 isn’t released into the atmosphere each year.

- Our installation in St-Chamond is equipped with an exchanger for a total of 400 kW supplying a heat district network composed of a school and households. Thanks to it, the equivalent of 100 ton* of CO2 isn’t released into the atmosphere each year.

- The equipment installed in Aurillac is connected to the heat district network and covers the needs of the swimming pool.

- In Thonon-Evian, our process is connected to a heat recovery system that allows the building of the wastewater treatment plant to be heated for free.

(* the combustion of 1 kWh of natural gas = 205 g of CO2)